How To Select The Best Type Of Epoxy Floor Coating?

How To Select The Best Type Of Epoxy Floor Coating?

 If you don’t know what epoxy is, you might have seen artists and people pouring a blue or shiny gelatinous substance inside a cast, that turns out to be glass after polishing. Have you seen the amazing artistic expressions of epoxy and resin in different types of art forms? Do you know that epoxy resin can be used in architecture too? Let us understand, what epoxy floor coating is in detail.

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coating is one of the best architectural designs that you can opt for for your floors. Itis considered to be one of the cheapest options that you can go for, which would be a blast considering that it goes well with any type of architecture that you are thinking of. It is surprising to note that there are two different types of chemicals that you would have to mix and even the application and designing part is so much easier, that you don’t even have to call an expert for this job.

The two different types of chemicals, are the two liquids that you would have to mix to get a perfect combination of epoxy floor coating. These two liquids are sold separately, and you would have to mix them in equal proportions for the reaction to occur. Once they are mixed together, they should be poured over, and it would start a chain reaction. The reaction would bond both the polymers together creating a strong, high tensile strength polymer that is very durable and sustainable.

Self-levelling epoxy resin it’s considered to be one of the best options related to the epoxy floor coating. When we talk about self-levelling epoxy resin, it is always considered to be a 2-millimetre layer of epoxy on your floor which is sandwiched with your floor and another layer of epoxy resin. In between these two layers, you can let out your inner da Vinci.

Many people try to form colours and draw certain things on their floor in between these layers. This would create a 3D look for your floor, and this is exactly why it is considered to be one of the most customizable options for your flooring. One thing that you need to be careful about when it comes to epoxy floor coating is the fact that it generates static electricity. This is why you should always apply an anti-static coating over your epoxy to ensure minimal damage.