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Survivors of clergy sexual abuse suffer some difficulties that no other abuse victims do, in that their faith and spirituality are so tied up with the circumstances of the abuse that when they try to deal with the effects of the abuse, many of them find their previously-taught "ultimate consolation" - the church and God - is the thing that is hardest to cope with. Not only that, but if they publicly disclose the abuse whilst still in a faith community, many of their friends have too much invested in maintaining the status quo to be able to support them at the expense of their own faith.

This website is a chance for clergy abuse survivors to "tell the world" what has happened to them, and what is, in many areas, still happening - often with the church's tacit consent. These stories are from all countries, all denominations, all religions. The problem is widespread. There is no easy solution. However, the writers of these stories, both male and female, hope that by alerting the world to their pain some measure of church accountability will develop.

Links to other websites that deal with clergy sexual abuse have been included down the bottom of this page, and this site is growing all the time. You may wish to bookmark it to return to it later. When you return, hitting the "refresh/reload" button on your browser is a good idea.

If you wish to contact the website administrator, please click here. Her name is Clare, and she is herself a survivor of clergy sexual abuse.

Survivors' stories are indexed below:

WARNING: If you are an abuse survivor, reading the following stories may be distressing for you. Please ensure you have support networks in place if you are likely to be triggered here.

Gae's story
William's story
CB's story
PJ's story
Toni's story

Stories are always being added to this site. Please come back soon.

Links to other clergy sexual abuse sites:

- SNAP (Survivors' Network for those Abused by Priests) This organisation is based in Chicago, but has lots of links to other organisations that may help (including some for non-clergy sexual abuse), and an email discussion list only open to survivors of clergy sexual abuse and their supporters.

- Survivors of Spiritual Abuse A site for survivors of abuse in a religious context, with a message board, psychological issues, poems and artwork, and a list of signs indicating possible abuse.

- Link Up A site for clergy abuse survivors, listing clergy crimes, conference details, archives of past cases and details of their publication (Missing Link) and how to subscribe.

- Survivor Connections grew out of the site creator's abuse by a priest, but is a site for survivors of all sexual abuse. Email/snailmail the site owner for information about their database of perpetrators.

- CEASE is an organisation devoted to empowering victims of abuse by Seventh Day Adventist clergy worldwide. Contains information, links and subscription option.

- A growing register of Australian offenders, and part of an Australian clergy abuse website.

- HOPE stands for Help Overcome Professional Exploitation, and although they cover other professionals besides clergy, there is some excellent information on clergy abuse and professional abuse issues in general; and a support network called the Coffee House, where you can talk with survivors, post art and poetry, and access some humour if you just need a laugh to brighten your day.

- The issue of collusion within the church, and tips on recognising it and fighting it.

- http:// Photos and stories of men abused as children by priests.

- A list of clergy convicted for sex crimes, mainly US state by state, but some overseas crimes listed.

- A psychological profile of abusive clergy. Some statistics included.

- There can be a strong correlation between sexual abuse and spiritual abuse. This site looks at the likely indicative factors of spiritual abuse, and offers a self quiz. Clergy abuse victims may discover some of the reasons why they remained in an abusive situation. The author is a former member of a Pentecostal Church, where she was spiritually abused. She is, however, still a Christian, and her website links and webring links may trigger some abuse victims.

- Support network and resources for recovering former cult members.

- Biderman's Chart of Coercion. An excellent analysis of the means by which spiritual abusers coerce their victims.

- Ritual Abuse Support for victims of ritual abuse and mind control. Has a large number of free links, and includes membership facilities.

- Ritual abuse links list.

- P and B Press published In the Shadow of the Cross, the story of the Christian Brothers institutional abuse in Western Australia. They also publish a quarterly newsletter, which you can obtain by emailing them.

- Personal story of a clergy/institutional abuse victim.