Buying luggage- What to look for?

Buying luggage- What to look for?

The kind of luggage you should buy really depends on the kind of traveller you are. You may find the endless styles and colours of

extremely overwhelming however before you invest in luggage you must contemplate the practicalities. Best Luggage Brands for Every Budget and Style can be a great guide for you.

Listed here are some factors to consider before buying your luggage.


The limit set by your airlines is a good indication for you to pick the right luggage. You must make sure you check the weight of your bag before reaching the airport as airlines are famous for being extortionate. The excess baggage fee can put a big hole in your pocket otherwise. It is not a bad idea to buy a luggage scale if you fly frequently.

Your luggage must be light when empty too. So that you are able to lack that holiday outfit you have been wanting to wear for so long. It can easily be manoeuvred. The lightest that you can buy is as light as just 3 kilos.


You may get tempted to buy a big size luggage without realizing it might become a hassle while travelling. You must consider things like whether you will be able to carry it in your taxi to reach the airport and more importantly if it will be easily lugged through the crowds.

A few brands advertise luggage as cabin size however they may not fit the size restrictions of the airlines. So you must keep that in mind too.